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LLC «Kira» - has been producing and selling thermowood since 2023

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Thermowood is a universal material used in the construction of houses, facades, baths, decking and terraces, interior decoration and furniture production, including garden furniture.

Unlike ordinary wood, it is not afraid of moisture, mold, pests and temperature changes. Does not require additional treatment with antiseptics.

Heat treatment takes place in a saturated steam environment, at an allowable overpressure of 0.65 atm. Thanks to this, the wood does not dry out to 0% moisture and does not approach a state that is close to pyrolysis. Result: the material has a much higher fracture stress, and the output moisture is 2-4% (material with this moisture content can be mounted immediately).

Processing temperature from 140 to 200 degrees. Every 10 degrees gives its own color range: from light beige to dark brown. Also, with increasing temperature, the wood becomes harder due to the crystallization of polysaccharides.

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Thermowood Properties

  • Geometric stability;
  • The moisture content of the material at the exit is 2-4%;
  • Even tone throughout the length and volume of the stack;
  • Resistant to the environment, temperature extremes, rain, snow and high humidity;
  • Resistant to microorganisms, mold, fungus and pests;
  • Aesthetic appearance;
  • Sustainability of materials. No chemicals are used in the heat treatment process;
  • Extended use of wood.

We offer

  • Thermo board of any size according to the customer's request, up to 6 meters long;
  • Grades: AB, C;
  • Sales volume per month - 90 cubic meters. m;
    Profiling of the board is possible on request: planken straight and bevelled; thermal bar; terrace board; deck board; thermolining.
  • Minimum order quantity is 20 cubic meters


Calculation of quantity and cost according to your sizes
Lumber dimensions
surface area for finishing
price for 1 m2 lumber (optional)
You will need:
number of boards
total cost

Delivery methods

  • Pickup from the warehouse: Russia, Smolensk, st. Novo-Moskovskaya 2/8, building 4
  • Delivery by a transport company (heavy trucks, sea container) in accordance with the international delivery rules Incoterms 2010 (FCA, DAP, CIF) - details

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